iPhone QR Code Reader Review Shoot Out

  • SocialWayne QR Code Reader [ itunes link] 3.5 out 5 stars
    Social Waynes QR code reader for the iPhone is a great application which allows you to share your QR code finds socially. They designed it in order to bridge mobile interaction with social engagement. Normally with some QR code readers they have been reported to work slow and clunky yet Social Waynes iPhone QR code reader seems to run smoothly.
    Pros: unique idea, great for sharing your QR code findings
    Cons: Interface takes time to get used to, what if you don’t want to be social


  • NeoReader [ itunes link] 3.0 out of 5 stars
    Neo Reader is a simpler QR code reader which has an easy to use interface that is not confusing compared to more complex QR code scanner apps available for the iPhone. Since the upgrade of iOS 3.11.3 on 3GS it works perfectly. Another great thing we noticed when testing this QR code reader is that it was very accurate when scanning QR codes and took little time to decipher them.
    Pros: Simplistic design, easy to use
    Cons:  No real advanced features


  • Optiscan [ itunes link] 4 out of 4 stars
    Optiscan is the only iPhone QR code scanner recommended by the Times newspaper. It will keep a log of the information gathered from previously scanned QR codes in an easy to read folder. For a free scanner it works ok but some people have reported issues with it being able to scan every QR code. The nice thing about Optiscan is that it can scan more types of QR codes then most other applications. With the amount of different types of QR codes it scanned this QR code scanner for the iPhone was definitely one of our favorites.
    Pros: Scans almost every kind of QR code, Nice Interface, Easy to understand QR code scan history
    Cons: Does not always pick up QR codes when scanned easily.


  • Barcode [ itunes link] 2 out of 5 stars
    Barcode is a simple QR code scanner for the iPhone which has a red photo guide to help you line up the QR code you are scanning with your phones camera. It is very simple and lacks a lot of features other QR code readers have. We recommend checking out other QR code readers until they work out the bugs on this one.
    Pros: it works
    Cons. Its not the best


  • ScanLife [ itunes link] 3.5 out of 5 stars
    ScanLife has been around for a while and has been used in the past for scanning UPC codes in order to do price checks while shopping. Now they have incorporated a QR code reader into their application for the iPhone. The only thing about this application that we didnt like is that it was a little difficult for someone to start using it right away if they wanted an iPhone QR code reader they could download and scan a QR code or barcode immediately.
    Pros: Scans UPC’s for price comparison, Also reads QR codes
    Cons: Takes a little to learn how everything works.


  • Mirascape [ itunes link] 4 out of 5 stars
    Mirascape another unique QR code reader for iPhone tries to give you a unique social experience with gaming and augmented reality functions. This QR code reader will read URL, SMS, Phone Number, and Text QR codes. Mirascape is working hard on releasing some of its new features so if you download this application remember to keep checking for updates.
    Pros: Augmented reality, Social Elements
    Cons: Have to sign up for an account


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