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QR codes used for watching movie trailers and previews

Recently I was at the movies and I noticed QR codes on some of the movie posters. When I scanned the QR code it brought me to Youtube to watch a movie preview of the movie Iron Man 2. This was freaking awesome once I realized the potential for QR codes in Hollywood.  The reason […]

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Using QR codes to better market real estate

How To Better Use QR Codes When In Real Estate QR codes are starting to become extremely popular as mobile devices are starting to use them to download applications and gather information. You have probably seen these square boxes that you are able to scan with a phone to get information popping up. If you […]

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Nasa launching apple’s technology into space for tracking QR codes

Recently I have learned that apple has been sent into by NASA in order to track QR codes from space. NASA has been rumored that they will be testing new equipment in space with QR codes. Its funny to think that QR codes are not where no man has gone before, the final frontier, space. These QR […]

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QR codes on name tags are a great idea

Recently over coffee I was talking to a friend about QR codes and she came up with this brilliant idea on how Qr codes should be used on name tags. By placing a QR code on a name tag it will allow you to scan the QR code and get information about that person programmed […]

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Use QR codes to get more Twitter followers

Recently I have been brainstorming on all of the useful ways to use QR codes and I though of a brilliant idea which will get you more Twitter followers by just using a QR code made from our site. In order to do this you will first need an account with Orange QR. If you […]

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What is a QR Code?

What is a QR Code? QR codes (abbreviation for Quick Response Codes) are known as a 2 dimensional bar-code that can be read from camera phones then sends you to a website or provides you with information from the product. QR codes are commonly known in Japan where it was created by one of Toyota’s […]

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Using QR Codes to Get More Facebook Likes

There are a few great ways you can use QR codes to get more face-book likes for your business, website, or anything. First in order to create a Face-book like QR code which can be tracked you are going to need to login to your Orange Qr account or sign up for one if you […]

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Using QR Codes with Google Place Pages

Using Google QR codes with Google Places can be a great way to give your business a boost on the Internet. With these few tips you will learn to make Google Places a more effective tool to utilize with the power of QR codes. The first thing you are going to need in order to […]

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Tracking QR Codes

QR codes are now being used nation wide in the USA and other countries however not many people have caught on that you can track QR codes. There are a few different reasons too why tracking a QR code can cut your advertising cost in half sometimes. With our site we are able to provide […]

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QR Code Types Examples and Explanations

Types of QR codes that you can make: URL Based QR Codes are QR codes which when created can bring you to any website URL or WWW address on the Internet. In order to see an example of how this code works just take any QR code scanner and scan it. After you have scanned […]

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