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Guide: Use Trackable QR Codes With YouTube Videos

Trackable QR codes in conjunction with YouTube can be an amazing way to get views from cellphone scans on your QR code. This can be done by creating QR codes from our tracking system that sends a user to your YouTube video. Step 1. First go to your YouTube video and find the URL of […]

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Places to market QR codes

Lets discuss a few great places I have seen QR code advertisements in the past week and how each of them have different marketing benefits. The most common place I am seeing QR codes being used to market businesses is on business cards. Usually I find vcards which are QR codes when scanned will program […]

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QR Code Marketing Tactic Example #1 Pizza Hut

Here is an example of a QR code being used on a piece of print advertising from Pizza Hut. When scanned it will bring you to your phones marketplace to download their application which you can order pizza’s from. This is a very good marketing strategy which I will explain why. Through out the age […]

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How to use QR Codes With Expiration Dates

Since our QR code tracking system has been in existence we have had a feature which allows you to place an expiration date on your QR code. There are a few different reasons why you would want to make a QR code with an expiration date that I will explain. This QR code expiration date […]

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Create QR Codes

These are some simple instructions which will tell you how to create a QR code campaign that can be tracked once you have an account with Orange QR. There are a lot of features that you can pick when creating your QR code and by learning them you will be able to get more out […]

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QR Codes for Smartphone App Downloads

With the growing market of apps available for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android smart phones there is a QR code that can be used to encode the download link of your application for each apps marketplace download link. This will allow any phone Blackberry, iPhone or Android to download the application for its operating system […]

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QR Code Tracking Features

Here is a list of our tracking features which you will be able to have access to once you sign up for a membership with Orange QR. These features are available with URL QR codes that can be tracked using our QR code tracking system. Scans -The number of times a QR Code has been scanned. […]

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Android QR Code Reader / Scanner Apps Reviewed

We tested 5 Android QR code reader apps to find out which one we thought was the best. During our testing we found that not all QR code reader applications for the Android phone are created equal. In fact some QR code readers can do much more then just read QR codes but they could […]

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The Best Blackberry QR Code Reader Apps Reviewed

We reviewed 5 QR code reader apps for the Blackberry and found what we thought where some of the best and worse QR code readers available for the Blackberry. QR Code Scanner Pro – Free Download 4.5 out of 5 stars Turn your phone into a QR Code scanner and start connecting the physical world […]

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Using QR Tracking Codes on Business Cards Properly

Using QR codes on business cards for tracking purposes can provide your business with a wealth of information about your employees and company. Typically when placing QR codes on business cards most businesses will place the same QR code on each business card. This is not the best way if you are interested in tracking […]

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