Archive | September, 2011

New QR Code Facebook Demographic Tracking Feature

Just today we have activated our new QR code demographic tracking tool. This will enable anyone using our QR code tracking system to be able to see very useful information on those who scan their QR codes created with us. With our QR code demographic tracking it will enable you to create a campaign for […]

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QR Codes on Dog Collars

Just the other day I was talking to a friend about our trackable QR codes and he brought up the idea of creating a QR code for dog collar tags and how they would be very useful. After listening to his explanation I couldn’t help but tell you about this. We figured that by placing […]

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Perks Found In Trackable QR Codes and barcodes on products together

Just the other day I was walking around in Walmart when I went to buy an HDMI cable for a computer monitor. When I was browsing products I noticed Walmart was using QR Codes with normal bar-codes on their products.  This is a interesting approach that can really turn your business if your are into […]

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Pizza Delivery Business QR Code Marketing Tactics

It now seems a great way businesses are using QR tracking codes to track advertisements to see where there customers are coming from. Here is an example of an advertisement from Papa Johns Pizza which allows you to download an application on your phone to order Pizza. This is similar to the advertisement we talked […]

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