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Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes to Sell Homes

The popularity of using “instant” devices propelled the creation of another tool similar to IMs and texting, the Quick Response code or QR code. A client recently included QR codes into their listings on their real estate website design, so here’s a brief article about QR codes and how it can be utilized in real […]

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Using QR codes to Throw Great Business Events

The rapid evolution in the technology of Smartphones has increased its usefulness, giving your iPhone added features which can be used to plan and arrange events. There are plenty of apps that can assist you in your corporate event planning, let’s look through some of them. Maps app is one of the most versatile tools […]

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QR Code Making Tips

If one would wonder where the heck QR Codes came from, it’s undoubtedly not that hard to answer. QR Codes may came from generators found somewhere in the interwebs. But creating a successful QR code isn’t quite as straight-forward as entering a hyperlink in a web page. Below are just among some of the tip […]

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Payment Giant PayPal Has Gotten In on QR Marketing

When you think about making payments online, the chances are very good that PayPal is the first and likely only name that comes to mind.  The online giant, which is owned by eBay, is by far the biggest name in online payments for businesses and individuals alike, and as they get ready to open their […]

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Where not to use QR codes

In its eagerness to connect with riders, the transit authority has mounted ads that urge residents to contact them by phone, in person, the web – and even by QR code, printed right there on the ad. This is fine however, only if the ad aren’t mounted in subway cars.  And for other places within […]

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Useful ways to use QR Codes in Real Estate

QR codes are a new technological innovation that is getting everyone in the real estate business excited. While everyone is saying one should need to use QR codes, there are very small number of resources that really show you the effective and best method of using QR codes in real estate. And that’s the reason […]

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Phillips and Co Takes QR Codes to a New Level- Literally

We are always looking for the newest and most innovative uses of QR codes in the market, and in the past year we have seen some real creativity.  We have seen codes that can do a number of things, and we have seen them crop up in the most unusual places.  Business development and public […]

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Canada’s Political QR Uses Shape the 2012 US Campaign Season?

QR codes are certainly showing up everywhere.  It seems like almost daily I find a corporation that has implemented a new QR strategy, including many who are really proving to be innovative and clever with the technology.  The US has had a number of successful and popular QR campaigns in recent months, but to find […]

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First Fruits Is Using QR Codes to Change the Way We Shop for Food

With the recent recall of cantaloupes that have been linked to more than one death across the country, there is little doubt that consumers are starting to become anxious about the foods they purchase.  Given that this was not the first such incident, it certainly makes sense, but as a consumer it can be hard […]

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Quaker Oats Implements QR Codes and a Jonas Brother to Help Garner New Interest

Research shows that there are more smartphones out there than personal computers these days, so it only makes sense that companies should start adapting their advertising strategies to meet this, but what about age demographics.  The number of teenagers with smartphones today is astronomical, yet it seems that most mobile marketing campaigns are aimed at […]

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