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MEDSEEK Uses QR Codes to Improve the Patient Medical Experience

One of the most troubled markets in the US today is certainly the health care industry.  Wait times for appointments are astronomical, and many patients simply can’t afford to go to the doctor every time something is wrong.  The result is a number of patients who are at risk and who are not seeking the […]

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Hennessy Brings QR Codes and Art to Its Bottles

Lots of companies these days are making creative use of QR codes, so it is really of little surprise to see other big names following suit.  One of the most recent additions to the QR fold has been famed cognac brand Hennessy.  The company recently produced a limited edition run of bottles featuring art from […]

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Mobio Uses QR Codes to Help Canadians Fight Breast Cancer

QR codes can do just about anything these days, from sharing clever videos and advertisements to offering consumers the ability to connect to companies on social media sites and even to win prizes or order a pizza.  But what if a QR code could help in the fight against breast cancer?  Thanks to Canadian mobile […]

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Porsche Gets In on the QR Code Market

In the latest batch of announcements regarding big companies taking advantage of QR codes, we heard from one of the most prestigious names in the automobile industry.  With so many major corporations seeing huge success from QR campaigns, there is little doubt as to why all of the biggest players are tossing their hat into […]

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Ebay Makes QR Codes Incredibly Functional

EBay has long been the biggest name in online auctions, but as the company works to move towards more new and fixed price items, there was little doubt that they would need to start advertising again in order to get the word out. After all, most consumers have come to think of the company as […]

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Microsoft Tag Tracking Codes Now Available

With the popularity of QR codes being used by other businesses there are always other companies out there trying to implement similar technologies. Recently we have introduced a Microsoft Tag tracking now at Orange Qr. You are able to track how many scans your Microsoft Tag code receives, which advertisement your Microsoft Tag was scanned […]

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