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Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven’s Arctic Home QR Code Campaign

Coca-Cola,  the world’s largest beverage company  partnered with 7-Eleven Inc., a premier name and the largest chain in the convenience retailing industry  based in Dallas, Texas  to launch  it’s QR code Arctic Home Campaign in time for the holidays to support  the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) conservation efforts to protect the arctic habitat of  the […]

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Benefits of Using QR codes with YouTube Videos

There are many benefits of using QR codes with YouTube videos for your business and today I am going to discuss some of these strategies you can implement in just a few minute.  Today many people are using YouTube to share videos and knowledge with the world on the Internet. Now by combining QR codes […]

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Best QR Code Generator of the Best

Orange QR is striving to be the best QR code generator of the best when it comes to features. We not only provide QR code technology which can be tracked but we also have tools which allow you to create vcards, gps qr codes and others and save them on our site so you can […]

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Realtors Using QR Codes Saves the Environment

Realtors using QR codes in their marketing campaign are benefiting the environment, which they may not be aware of or consider it as a negligible contribution to make a dent in the vast scope of environmental issues plaguing our modern world.  A small contribution collectively grouped together will make a huge difference. Reduction in printing […]

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Retail QR Codes Going to The Manikins

More and more QR codes are starting to pop up in the retail clothing industry being used in new ways never thought of before. The last time I was shopping I saw a manikin with a QR code on it using a sticker to advertise more information on the clothing brand the manikin was wearing. […]

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Go Green With Orange QR Codes

Our Qr codes at Orange Qr can help your company go green instead of wasting your resources with traditional Qr codes. How you may ask. Well with QR codes produced from our site you are able to change where they are directed to with out having to change your QR code. This helps so you […]

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Starbucks QR Codes Boost Company Sales

Starbucks QR codes are now being used at different cafes to boost sales of their mobile app which allows users to check prices and gift card balances. When a customer at Starbucks scans a QR code it brings them to a dedicated mobile page which promotes their app for mobile phones. This is a good […]

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Computer QR Code Reader

A computer QR code reader is now available  to read QR codes from your computer. This is great because most people think that QR codes can only be scanned using a smart phone. With this free App you can now click on any QR code you see on the internet and be able to decipher […]

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QR Code Size Specifications

QR code size is important when making QR codes. Especially since many companies today are generating the code, printing, posting it on walls, billboards and magazines and enticing costumers to scan it on many different mediums. However the sizing of QR codes is often overlooked when it is a important factor to keep in mind […]

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