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The Best QR Code Readers for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

A QR(Quick Response) code is a square bar code made up of a pattern of black and white dots that when read by a camera and the right kind of software becomes a phone number or a URL. THE BEST iPHONE QR SCANNERS/READERS QR Reader for iPhone Creators of this app got it just right. […]

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QR Codes Increase Sales 200% for Verizon Store

Although initially used to track parts in the vehicle manufacturing of Toyota, the QR codes have now a wider range of applications. One of the most innovative QR code applications is bridging the gap between the offline markets with the online world. There are still some marketing individuals and gurus who have doubts on the […]

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QR Codes vs. SMS Marketing

More and companies these day seem to be using newer age marketing techniques to enhance their marketing efforts. Some of these consist of SMS text marketing and QR codes. However since QR codes have came onto the scene they have become ever more popular to use with almost any marketing campaign. First off if you […]

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