3 Blackberry QR Code Reader Apps Reviewed

Here are 3 QR code readers for Blackberry that we liked. You should be able to use these applications to read QR codes or bar-codes on your Blackbery phone or device.

  1. ScanLife (Free)– Reads EZ Code, QR code, Data Matrix and UPC codes. ScanLife makes their app for multiple mobile OS.  We have used ScanLife on other smartphones and enjoed using it just as much on the Blackberry.[Download]

  3. BeeTagg (Free) – Reads QR Code, Data Matrix and BeeTagg Code. Is a interesting QR code reader app for the Blackberry however it was not as easy to use as ScanLifes QR code reading app. [Download]

  5. QR Code Scanner Pro (Free) – This Blackberry QR code reader app seems to have it all included in one package.  If you tried out the top two and did no like either of them this would be my last recommendation before you should abandon all hope. Just kidding.[Download]

There are many other QR code reader apps available for the Blackberry through the Blackberry App store. Feel free to check out others and let us know of any other blackberry QR code readers that you like to use.

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