3 ways restaurants use qr codes

For restaurant’s that are looking to optimize sales, increase revenues, and deliver top services to their clientele, there are different options to consider when trying to attain these goals. So, for those restaurant owners that are looking for the latest technologies to keep track of sales, and what customers are looking for, there are 3 ways restaurants use qr codes (or more) that restaurants can utilize these codes, in order to increase their sales figures, bring customers in the doors, and get their meals sold to these individuals who are eatting at their restaurant. So, considering the use of QR codes, and what they can do for your restaurant, promises these increases and higher sales figures owners are hoping to attain.

One option that qr codes can be used for is mobile ordering. Ordering food from a smart phone is extremely convenient for customers to be able to do. It allows the individual to bypass ordering with a person, and allows them to save time not having to wait on hold, or be passed through to various individuals during the ordering process. All that has to be done is enter the coded takeout item. For those who add the qr codes to their takeout menus, not only will this increase the sales, but will also make many customers who prefer the use of technologies, and time savings, a way to order their meals. This will attract more customers, and increase orders placed on a daily basis.

Restaurants can also place qr codes on the text based menu. If it is placed on the right location of the menu, the code can lead that individual to more information on menu items. From dish names, to images of the meal, to taking them to social media sites to share these images. The qr code is an exceptional tool to add information, and give consumers more, prior to them placing the order. The qr code on a site’s landing page can offer information such as pricing, restaurant hours, specials, and any other informative items, which will offer more of an incentive for customers to dine with your establishment.

A third way qr codes can be used as a city guide, or to compare your restaurant to others in the local area (whether they offer the same type of cuisine or other types of dining). By showcasing your restaurant, and highlighting the key factors about it, in comparison to other local establishments, restaurants will be doing a great service to themselves, and over time, are going to be attracting more and more customers to come in through the doors, or order from them via takeout. Using ads, online reservation capabilities, or photos of the interior of your restaurant, are all things which will attract more and more customers.

The use of qr codes can truly revolutionize the way customers order, and more many restaurants, can help bring them in the door, and make the consumer want to choose their establishment, over that of a competitor in their area.

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    I Just want to inform that I’m working on a project that allow to place qr codes on the tables and receive orders from the customers. Thats all on the web.


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