5 clever ways to use qr codes

The history of the use of QR-codes started around the early 90’s. However, their wide use is made possible with the ubiquitous smartphones and the applications they are read. According to Comscore, nearly 20.1 million Americans who own mobile phones, used their device to scan the QR-code at least once in three months. By and large, it is not very large. However, the number ofpeople using the QR-code, will grow. There is no doubt that the QR-codes laid considerable potential. However, the question remained: whether marketers will be able to take full advantage of opportunities that can offer a QR-codes?

So what can marketers do to stir up the customers and offer them something new? By itself, the availability of information can not force a client to visit the product site. Here are some examples of fairly creative, fun and interesting ways to use QR-Codes, confirming the fact that this technology has potential.

1(A). We buy without leaving the metro

The global supermarket chain Tesco has solved the problem luring hard-working and often lack the time the Koreans in their stores, delivering, so to speak, their counters in the train and metro station.

Consumers were invited to consult with an assortment of the store, presented in the form of posters in the subway. Passengers using the subway could be considered smart QR-code products and add them to your virtual cart. The whole process of shopping was carried out directly on the subway, and the delivery service store purchases delivered to the address, freeing the buyer from having to carry heavy bags.

1(B). Give the user all the necessary information

Some advanced museums and art galleries have succeeded in harnessing the potential of QR-codes for the deepening of interaction with visitors. Art galleries such as the Cleveland Museum of Art, QR-codes placed next to the exhibits in order to “redirect” visitors to an online or an audio tour, or give them more information about the exhibit.

2(A). Ordering klientopotoka

Coffee house chain Starbucks uses QR-Codes to optimize interaction with customers. Customers, instead of waiting in long queues to pay, can now integrate their pre-loaded in the smart credit card in a special application. This allows them to quickly make payments, as well as learn more about products and online outlets.

2(B). How to mark liked

Sitting in the restaurant and enjoy wine, do not need to scribble the name of the winery on a napkin. Lovers of good wines can scan the QR-code from wine labels to learn more about wine, grapes, and data for the order.

3(A). Give customers what they want

The company Mountain Dew, which produces soft drinks, and a network of fast-food Taco Bell held a joint rally, during which customers are invited to scan the QR-code on the cups to drink, to use them to get free music downloads. The success of the campaign can confirm the number of promotional downloads, which reached more than 200 thousand.

3(B). Providing information in real time

QR-codes can provide customers with updated information in real time, wherever there is a constant flow of information, such as railway stations, bus stops, shops sales department or bureau of the order of airlines.
For example, in the German city of Frankfurt recently been shown to smart posters, trains that provide information on passenger trains. On these posters were presented current data on transport infrastructure, special events and attractions, as nice as special offers.

4(A). Encourage users to share links that contain the QR-codes

Verizon has recently launched a successful campaign, which increased its sales by an incredible 200%. Customers in the store provided an opportunity to take part in the action – it had to scan the QR-code containing information about a link to this share on Facebook, and send it to friends. If friends have used receive a link and buy some goods in the Verizon store with a mobile phone, the one who sent the code to automatically become a contender to win the smartphone. As a result, stock returns, Verizon received $ 35 thousand from each of thousands of dollars in costs, as well as references to the 25 thousand profiles of Facebook.

4(B). Personalized Gifts

This past holiday season, retailer JCPenney has provided customers the opportunity to add to gift a private message as a QR-code. When buying a gift at any JCPenney store for him came with a postcard from Santa with the accompanying QR-Code. By scanning the code, the recipient can listen to the personal voice greeting recorded by the donor in the store.

5(A). Help your clients develop their business

Google has named more than 100 000 companies in the U.S. as «Favorite Places on Google» (favorite places on Google). This list was based on the interaction of Google users with local companies. Every business enterprise has received a sticker on the window with a unique QR-code, which can scan any passerby. The code laid down about what kind of business, its products, reviews, links and more.

5(B). Share a special playlist

If you realy like to convey greetings to someone special music for you, simply create a playlist in Spotify. After you create a special playlist on Spotify, send your recipient a gift card with QR-code scanning which leads directly to the mix with a playlist.

5(C). Advertising

Wherever you see a code printed in black and white, or attached, can become advertising space.
It can be a temporary tattoo provided out at exhibitionsor festivals, a shirt, a print ad, movie trailer, poses beverage containers, napkins, ticket box, strip sports car racing, pet collar, colors distinctive vehicle, or even be incorporated into the fabric of a building, so this hotel QR Code.

5(d). The marking of the goods

Let’s restaurant is the wine from your vineyard. Caterer says QR-code on the bottle and scan it.
Code is a mobile site where you can learn more about your wine and vineyard, and there are links that you can buy the goods for delivery. Quickly and conveniently. You can continue to dream, because the QR-code can be placed on any product, whether it’s even branded on the side of the cow.

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