5 iPhone QR Code Reader Apps Reviewed

Here are 5 iPhone QR Code with a description of each of their features. QR codes are becoming more popular and it is a wise idea to have an application for your iPhone to read and use them. To download any of these QR code reader apps for your iPhone just click the download link from your phone to download them from the Apple store.

  1. NeoReader (Free) – This is one of the best QR readers for iPhone in my opinion. It does QR Code, Data Matrix and Aztec bar codes.  Typically Neoreader is a fast QR code reader for the iPhone and we have not had any problems with it having any errors or hang ups.
  2. Optiscan ($1.99) – This one claims to be the fastest reader however that may not be exactly true. It is pretty quick. One unique feature with this app is it will save the QR code data so that you can pull it up later rather than having to rescan it each time. This iPhone Qr coder is great for recalling your QR codes later to pull information you scanned and want to recall.
  3. Barcode (Free) – Barcode for the iPhone scans QR Code and Data Matrix. The big issue I have with this one is you have to select which type of code you are scanning rather than it auto detecting it some readers on other phones know automatically so this can waste a bit of time in less you just want a simpler iPhone QR code app.
  4. QuickMark ($0.99) – CNET rated this app as the best QR code reader app for the iPhone. Google recommends this app as well. [ Download]
  5. ScanLife (Free) – Reads EZ Code, QR code, Data Matrix and UPC codes. ScanLife makes their app for multiple mobile OS. [ Download]

These are just a few of the popular QR code scanning apps for iPhone. Try them all out if your not sure which one you want to use and figure out which QR code reader best suits you.

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