5 Odd Places We Found QR Codes

While QR codes had a rather modest beginning in the auto industry, QR codes are extremely prevalent these days and can be found all over the place! We wanted to write about 5 odd places we found QR Codes, but there were so many strange places to pick from that it was a bit hard to limit this list to 5 odd places we found QR codes. After much deliberation, here are our winning selections:

On Clothing

There are several designers who have decided to take advantage of the current QR code craze by incorporating QR codes into clothing. Some clothes feature many small QR codes, while others may sport one gigantic QR code. Either way, it is really something to see someone walking around proudly displaying their QR code duds!

On a Pet

QR code pet tags are a new trend among some pet owners. Rather than having a tag that says your name, address, and other personal information, these tags contain only a QR code which if scanned will send whoever scans that QR code to a website that can provide that information. Cool, but odd!

On a Billboard

We had to include this one. It is extremely odd to see a billboard with a QR code on it, but they are out there! The sheer size of QR codes on billboards is enough to earn them a place in the top 5 odd places we found QR codes. It seems like it would be pretty dangerous to try to scan a code on a billboard, especially if the billboard was on a highway.

On a Bathroom Wall

Along with graffiti, jokes and insults, and scribbled numbers, you may just spot a QR code on a bathroom wall. Be careful if you plan to scan a QR code you find on there, you never know what type website it might bring you to!

On Human Flesh

Believe it or not, some people have actually had QR codes tattooed on themselves. It is hard not to wonder what the QR code links to! QR tattoos are exceptionally odd, but they are somehow intriguing. We can’t help but wonder what would come up if we scanned a few QR code tattoos. As a matter of fact, a tattoo parlor in the United States has been reported to offer QR codes which are linked to anyone’s Facebook page.

A QR barcode is a 2D pattern which looks like a jumbled up checkerboard or chess board. Special orientation patterns are located in the corners which help your software to recognize the pattern regardless of the orientation of the reader or a scanner. The data encoded in it may be digits, text or a URL or web address.

QR codes are showing up all over the place lately. This can be a lot of fun for cell phone users. If you find QR codes unexpectedly, be sure to take a picture, and be sure to scan the code. Keep your eye out and you might just spot some QR codes in really odd places!

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