Benefits of Using QR codes with YouTube Videos

There are many benefits of using QR codes with YouTube videos for your business and today I am going to discuss some of these strategies you can implement in just a few minute.  Today many people are using YouTube to share videos and knowledge with the world on the Internet. Now by combining QR codes you can bring people to your videos easier right on their cellphone to get your message in one of the most entertaining ways possible.

QR Codes to YouTube Commercials

If you have a commercial for your business you can place a QR code on your restaurant or any type of business for this matter. This QR code will need to have a link to your YouTube video so that when someone scans it they will be sent to watch it on their smart phone. This is a great way to share your businesses message with people with just the scan of a phone which cuts down on time of having someone having to type in your web address to go to your video on YouTube. If your store is closed and people would like to know more information about your business this is a great way to enable them to quickly learn about you.
QR Codes to YouTube Tours

Depending on if you run a normal business where people can walk through your doors or a big factory you could use QR codes in a few fun ways to give someone a tour of your business. This is perfect if you have a factory because if someone wanted a quick tour of your company will sitting in the lobby or not wanting to walk through the whole factory they can scan a QR code to watch your factory tour from YouTube on your phone. Sometimes too there are places in your factory or business that are too dangerous or restricted from groups of people to visit. By using a tour that someone can scan a QR code to view you can share those areas with out having to bring them there.

QR Codes To Track YouTube Viewers

If you didn’t know Orange QR provides QR code tracking to let you know information on who scans a QR codes and how many times it has been scanned. If you sent a QR code out to anyone on a flyer to link them to your commercial or company tour you will be able to see with in half a mile radius of where the QR code was scanned from. In addition there is other information that is collected including the users phone type, app scanned and time scanned. By using this information you will not only be able to track who scans your QR codes but also where your money is best spent by tracking your print campaign. If you don’t have an account click sign up today to get started.

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