Budweiser’s “Track Your Bud” QR Code Campaign

Budweiser’s, “Track Your Bud” digital campaign is one of Scanlife’s best QR code campaigns for the first quarter of 2012. It is not only because the 2D bar codes are printed in the packaging instead of print ads which allows greater interaction with consumers while they are enjoying the product, it is the concept behind the campaign and how it was presented.

“Track Your Bud” concept

The QR code campaign expresses Budweiser’s desire to share the story behind every bottle or can of beer and instill in its consumers an appreciation for the process and stringent quality controls involved in beer production to meet the Budweiser standard of “heritage, full flavor and legendary consistency,” of which the company is known for and respected by its loyal consumers.

“Track your bud”

Scanning the QR code on the beverage’s packaging urges beer drinkers to download a free “Track Your Bud” app or they are asked to visit TrackYourBud.com. Upon entering the dates on their beer bottles or cans in the “Born On” portion, consumers are taken on a virtual guided tour to the brewery where the beer they are drinking were produced by the brewmaster responsible for its creation.

Ms. Jane Killebrew-Galeski, director of brewing, quality and innovation for Anheuser-Busch, the producer of Budweiser says that the “Track Your Bud” campaign not only traces the origin of a bottle or can of beer to its brewery plant, it also give consumers an insight as to where the raw materials came from. Barley from the barley farms in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin and hops from Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Germany.

The guided tour explains how the beer ingredients were selected, explains the seven-step brewing process at Budweiser, identifies when the beech wood aging process started for the beer and introduces the brew master in charge of tasting the batch on several stages during the beer’s full brewing cycle to make certain that it will meet the quality standard of Budweiser.

Rob McCarthy, vice president of Budweiser said that they want to share their story with customers through the “Track Your Bud” QR code campaign to show “the pride, passion and craftmanship at our breweries that has been the backbone of Budweiser for generations.”

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