Canada’s Political QR Uses Shape the 2012 US Campaign Season?

QR codes are certainly showing up everywhere.  It seems like almost daily I find a corporation that has implemented a new QR strategy, including many who are really proving to be innovative and clever with the technology.  The US has had a number of successful and popular QR campaigns in recent months, but to find a truly innovative use of QR outside of the business world, we need to take a quick look at what is happening just over our northern border.

It’s campaign season in Ontario, and QR codes are playing a pivotal role.  Gaining the youth vote is critical for candidates looking to achieve success, and many parties are looking to the tech realm to help them capture the attention of this key demographic.  Parties know that today’s youth expect candidates to reach out to them, rather than feeling forced to reach out to the candidates themselves, and QR codes have become an integral part of this.  These codes are being used to help prospective voters connect with candidate websites, Twitter feeds, and more, and the results have been impressive.

With the 2012 campaign season coming quickly in the US, it begs the question of how QR codes will be used to reach our young voters.  We all know that the codes can be easily used to link videos, media pages, websites, and even donation pages, but it will be interesting to see which candidates take advantage of the technology.  We all know that Facebook was integral to the Barack Obama campaign and that Sarah Palin has made quite a bit of use of the site as well.  How will political candidates make use of QR codes for the 2012 campaign?  Only time will tell.  But there is no doubt that these codes can play an integral role in capturing the attention of young voters.

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