Car Owners Can Now Pay Their Parking Dues Using QR Codes

News in South Korea about Home Plus utilizing images of its on-sale products with QR codes instead of the tangible, edible or packaged items for sale has driven the company to its desired objective. This shows that QR codes are an effective medium for shopping.

And then there’s this recent news in the US of a company using QR codes so parkers or, more clearly, car owners who park their cars in designated parking spaces can pay their parking dues using the QR codes.

As smartphones can be used to scan QR codes for shopping, vehicle owners also find the convenience of using QR-code-scan-enabled smartphones to pay their dues for occupying parking spaces. And take note, this is just one feature of a smartphone app from a company, ParkMobile.

Other features of this application include text notification when the time of the parking expires and a service that informs the mobile phone users of available parking spaces. The QR code is an added yet very useful feature and this is integrated into its line of services to provide convenience and, perhaps, eliminate the manual method of paying for the parking spaces.

QR codes are on stickers placed on parking meters. Although this may seem as an optional feature for car-owners to pay for parking spaces, using this can bring more convenience than the usual or “should I say” obsolete practice of putting coins. If putting coins would be a hassle and even time-consuming if the meter gets crazy when the coins are not recognized, then, perhaps, a new way must be applied. Parkmobile has a solution to it or at least, a solution-provider to eliminate the not-so tedious task of putting coins on the parking meters.

Parkmobile offers this service to major cities in the US. Using QR codes, the parking system for mobility efficiency can be revolutionized. And not just that, it also changes the way how car owners can put their minds at ease of their vehicles on parking spaces.

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