Clinique’s QR Code Marketing Campaign

Clinique, manufacturer  of the world’s first allergy tested and  dermatologist driven skin care, cosmetic toiletries and fragrances line  owned by the Estée Lauder Corporation combined QR codes in their advertisement last year  for,  Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector in a two-page advertisement in the August edition of Vogue Magazine to support the launching of the product which was also a  part of a broader multi-media campaign in an effort to engage U.S. consumers in a modern and interactive way.

To participate in the promotion, consumers scanned their QR code in  Vogue Magazine with a smart phone which led them to Clinique’s mobile website that offered a coupon for free shipping for online orders and allowed customers to buy their products immediately with the use of their mobile device.

Emily Culp, Vice President of Clinique Global Digital/Consumer Marketing & Media said it was the perfect opportunity for Clinique to influence  the success of Even Better Clinical, where the program did not only allow the brand to engage with customers, it also gave them service. Their free shipping service though was not considered by many as a special offer because for internet purchases “free shipping” is not a special offer especially for a  $49.50 worth of lotion.

Incorporating the QR code in their Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector campaign,  increased consumer participation and product recognition which was deemed to be successful by Clinique regardless of observations that the cosmetic line did a shortcut in their advertisement by not including in their descriptive text next to the QR code a notice informing would be scanners that a QR code reader app for their smart phones was needed to enable it to scan the codes and where it can be downloaded. Good thing they provided a URL address so that  non-smart phone users were able to take advantage of the special offer.

 Although it was their first  venture to  use QR code in the U.S. market, they are now  continuously  searching  for  innovative ways to  surprise and delight their customers  and the opportunity to invest in mobile initiatives to expand their mobile marketing campaign is being given a big consideration.

 The upscale cosmetic line have also worked together with media partners to create mobile applications as marketing tools aside from using QR codes in their marketing and advertising campaign.  Valuing how mobile marketing tools can access consumers in modern ways, they will continue to  engage the use of mobile tools for Clinique’s marketing campaign in 2011.

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