Retail QR Codes Going to The Manikins

More and more QR codes are starting to pop up in the retail clothing industry being used in new ways never thought of before. The last time I was shopping I saw a manikin with a QR code on it using a sticker to advertise more information on the clothing brand the manikin was wearing.

To me this was a brilliant way to use QR codes specially if you had made them at Orange QR because you could tell which clothing articles received more scans to gauge your shoppers interest. After seeing this I would expect the retail clothing industry to hop on board with catchier marketing for high end brands to leave their mark.

The type of information to bring people to in the retail clothing industry using QR codes can range. I would recommend bringing possibly buyers to either a page which tells them more about the clothing article or a video which expresses the brands feeling. By allowing the customer to connect through a QR code using their mobile device shopping can be even more interactive then before.

Some other perks about having QR codes on retail tags or stands is to let your customers get more information on products during the busy Christmas season when your employees are too busy helping others. I don’t know how many times I have been in a store wanting more information on a product and the employees did not know anything about it. So this could also be a good tool for workers to get more information to help customers too in a situation like this.

The best places to put QR codes on retail are on the packaging, stickers, or stands. You want to make sure that when placing the Qr codes that they are obvious and easy to see so your customers will engage with them while they are shopping in your store. Just thing the future is here and Orange QR can help you implement this technology in your store in under a week.

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