Coca-cola Ties Up with Spanish Mobile Marketing Firm to Make the Beverage Company a Pioneer in Managed QR Codes

The world’s largest beverage company is very active in social media. In fact, the company with an age of over a hundred years is very effective with its marketing campaigns even from its early days. It was the brand Coca-cola that propelled to popularity the concept of Santa Claus, a fictional character known as Father Christmas and regarded as the modern St. Nick in the early 20th century.

But this is not about Santa Claus or even Christmas. It is about how this big company, that gives us the carbonated drinks, utilizes new marketing medium and principles as they are popularized and effectively performed with scalable results.

In the age of social media and mobile marketing, Coca-cola has been in the front row of companies who embrace innovation in digital marketing.

Recent news of its partnership with a Spanish firm that provides BIDI mobile barcode service is in Spanish media and even in other digital news outlets. But what it makes it surprising and even a bit admirable is that the tie-up would help label Coca-cola as the pioneer in mobile marketing.

If the news of Coca-cola being a pioneer of managed bar codes would tip off some, then it may not be surprising at all.

ScanLife is the Spanish company Coca-cola is partnering with for their QR code campaign.

Using the smartphones, users can scan the codes positioned on the packaging of Coca-cola products. Upon scanning, the users will then be sent to contents in which the beverage company is involved in such as its YouTube videos and online communities.

The QR code is deemed as the new medium for Coca-cola to interact with its customers. The contents as they are featured upon being scanned would likely help increase the position of the company as the frontrunner of among big companies in the utilization of mobile devices for marketing campaigns.

This new feature of Coca-cola products will be shown in TV commercials. Statements of its commercials shown worldwide have not been relayed yet.

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