Computer QR Code Reader

A computer QR code reader is now available  to read QR codes from your computer. This is great because most people think that QR codes can only be scanned using a smart phone. With this free App you can now click on any QR code you see on the internet and be able to decipher it.

Using a QR code reader for your computer will help you also test QR codes that you have created which is nice if you cant find your micro sized mobile phone because it is lost in the couch. The App is called QR reader and it uses Adobe air so if you do not have adobe air Google it and download it so you can use this tool. There are some plugins also out there that let you generate qr codes as well however 99% of them are not traceable which is not good if you want to know how well your QR code campaigns perform.

In order to use your computer to read QR codes first download QR Reader and install it then find a QR code to scan. Hold it up to your webcam so your webcam can see the entire QR code. If your camera see’s the QR code you are trying to scan it will turn red and beep to let you know that it was a successful scan. After it has been scanned you will be able to then go to the url the QR code encoded or see the information encoded in the QR code.

So in this day of technology QR codes can not only be scanned using smart phones but as well on computers. This cool little QR code reader app will let you do almost anything when it comes to reading Qr codes however one thing we have heard is that people using Windows 7 have had problems installing it. So try it out and let us know what you think and what your experience was with this computer QR code reader.

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