Delta Airline’s QR Code is A Paperless Boarding Pass

Delta Airlines popularized the paperless ticket in the travel world by utilizing smartphones of travelers for their electronic boarding pass. The innovative way of eliminating paper boarding passes which have a tendency to be lost or misplaced during travel can be regarded as the most undeniable benefit the QR code has given to the airline industry.

The electronic boarding pass is obtained upon purchase of a ticket online, where the traveler is given a link via SMS for them to download it. At the airport, one simply shows their smartphone to the gate agent who will scan the QR code to see the traveler’s flight details.

Now with unique apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android smartphones, life is made more convenient for frequent flyers. By downloading the apps, travelers can secure travel information wherever they are, check in, obtain their eBoarding Pass and even set a reminder to let them remember where they parked at the airport. The apps also provide flight status and gate information, allows a search for upcoming flight schedules, gives access to SkyMiles® account information, view airport information and weather updates.

And when on flight, they can use their apps to view for free through the Gogo® Inflight Internet, which can make passengers check the status of their business, check connecting flight information and create other travel plans.

Delta Air Lines is continuously looking for ways to make air travelers more comfortable in their travel and is set to launch a new augmented reality application for smartphone users that will let travelers change their travel itineraries through their mobile device and is experimenting on ways to facilitate booking of hotels and rental of vehicles through the application.

The augmented reality application will provide information to consumers about their flight status and other services in real time. The initial launch of the application is limited to allowing passengers to customize their itinerary and the future expansion of its features will depend largely on the response of the travelers to the app.

The QR code has remarkably helped Delta Airlines in their quest to provide convenience and comfort to their passengers by eliminating paper boarding passes and avoiding delays and hassle at the airport during check-in if you inadvertently misplaced it. With their continuing plan to look for ways to provide the utmost experience to airline travel for their passengers, continue to enjoy the ease of using an eBoarding Pass in more than 50 cities worldwide where a Delta app is all that is needed to get through check-in and fly to your destination.

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