Ebay Makes QR Codes Incredibly Functional

EBay has long been the biggest name in online auctions, but as the company works to move towards more new and fixed price items, there was little doubt that they would need to start advertising again in order to get the word out. After all, most consumers have come to think of the company as a great place to find used items at a great price. The company’s RedLaser barcode scanner has long been one of the most popular apps on the iPhone market, and with the addition of a QR reader to this app, it became even more functional.

Now, a year after that release, the company is taking to QR again, this time to help consumers get a feel for the new face of eBay. EBay is launching a series of television commercials that are set to air during some of the biggest shows around. They will also be launching a number of billboards and print ads to accompany the campaign, whose slogan is “If it’s on your mind, it’s on eBay”. Each of the ads and television spots will contain a QR code, and the company will even be setting up a number of outdoor environments created with the codes in order to enable consumers to shop for virtually any product right on the spot.

EBay is already a trusted name on the web, but as a company with a fairly consistent image, it will certainly take some work for them to shake off the “used” and “auction only” associations that most consumers have with their service. It will be interesting to see how the campaign fares, but if previous eBay ad campaigns are any indicator, it won’t be long before consumers are looking at the auction giant with a totally new appreciation and understanding.

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