First Fruits Is Using QR Codes to Change the Way We Shop for Food

With the recent recall of cantaloupes that have been linked to more than one death across the country, there is little doubt that consumers are starting to become anxious about the foods they purchase.  Given that this was not the first such incident, it certainly makes sense, but as a consumer it can be hard to walk into the grocery store and know for certain where your produce is coming from.  Sure, there is often a little sticker on your fruit, but what does that really tell you about the people who grew it?  Thanks to a clever new QR code campaign, First Fruits Marketing is looking to change that.

With their new campaign, First Fruits will be placing QR codes on merchandise bins, bags, and other materials located in grocery stores.  By scanning the code, customers can be taken to a mobile website or video that gives them an inside look at the individual growers and farmers, providing the inside story of the orchards and the people who maintain them.  The “Know Your Grower” campaign will almost certainly help build a greater sense of trust with consumers and produce companies.

This campaign is a great way for consumers to put a face on the products that they by.  Using these videos and websites, First Fruits can help consumers get to know their orchards and to see the commitment they make to the environment, charitable institutions, and to providing quality foods.  Consumers are demanding greater visibility and accountability from everyone they do business with these days, and this campaign is helping to provide transparency in one market that always has a feel of anonymity.  It may not be a massive corporate launching, but this campaign may well set a precedent for others in the food industry and even change the way consumers shop for produce.

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