GMC Advertised Granite Concept through QR Codes

General Motors Company (GMC) is one among the automakers across the globe to use QR Codes in advertising and marketing. When it shown the compact-designed GMC Granite at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit nearly 2 years ago, the company said it will market the GM Delta II-based concept vehicle through viral marketing and officially dropping its efforts for TV commercials.

Its viral marketing strategies involve the use of QR codes in which GMC developed product brochures that contain QR code designs, which of course, can be scanned through the use of supported smartphones. At the beginning of such marketing efforts, GMC has already anticipated that the worldwide sales of cellular phones starting in 2011 is composed of 40% smartphones – which means a large percentage of the mobile phones sold are capable of reading QR codes.

The said 40% smartphones out of the total worldwide sales of mobile devices are owned by users under 40. GMC said the GMC Granite is targeted for young shoppers, thus the use of QR Code marketing to sell units makes sense. It won’t just allow GMC to save millions of dollars spending for TV spots, but also let them leverage the growing yet trendy use of QR codes in marketing.

The GMC Granite is expected to hit the North American market sometime in the 2nd quarter this year.

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