Go Green With Orange QR Codes

Our Qr codes at Orange Qr can help your company go green instead of wasting your resources with traditional Qr codes. How you may ask. Well with QR codes produced from our site you are able to change where they are directed to with out having to change your QR code. This helps so you can reuse materials your QR codes are printed on over again.

The first example is with realtors. Many real estate agents place signs with Qr codes now in front of the homes they are trying to sell to make a better experience for home buyers to be able to scan them and get a home tour or more information on the house with out having to schedule an appointment for a home showing. This saves the home buyers time and the real estate agents time from having to come out and show a house that a real estate agent is not interested in. As well when a real estate agent sells the home they can change the destination of the QR code in our system for a new property so they don’t have to throw away the sign with QR codes they used during the sale process.

Other ways these QR codes can make your company become greener is with special offers which can be changed when ever you want by changing the destination URL instead of printing a bunch of new flyers or a new advertisement every week. Traditional Qr codes once created encode only one URL. Since Orange QR provides a system that directs your QR codes to our site before they are handed off you can re use the QR codes that you created instead of filling a landfill with your old marketing materials.

So do yourself a favor and use our QR code generator to save your company money and save the environment. People will thank you and so will the mother earth.

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