How a QR Code Generator Works

QR codes are popping up everywhere, and we are constantly finding new ways to use them.  Companies and individuals alike are starting to use them to create business and personal brands, and I am starting to see them virtually everywhere I go.  While many are rapidly adopting the technology and thousands of code readers are installed every day, it makes sense to touch a bit on the basics of QR code generation.  We know what the codes do, but have you ever wondered how a QR code generator works?

At its most basic, a QR code generator will create a code that redirects to a website, inserts your contact information into the user’s mobile phone, or sends a text.  There are certainly plenty of applications, but to the end user, this is how a generator works.  What about for the designer?  In truth, it depends on the company you choose.  Some companies can generate a QR code that does these basic tasks, and some can generate codes that can do anything from help you automatically connect to the business’s Wi-Fi network to ordering a taxi pickup or helping you find a location using GPS.

For a designer, it is necessary to create and implement a QR code generator that can accomplish a wide variety of goals.  This means not only creating a wide range of QR code types, but working to ensure low error rates so that even lower resolution phones and low quality QR readers can easily reach the end goal from any code scanned.  Error rates are fairly high with a number of companies out there right now, but a well designed generator will provide the right result with every scan.  The way a QR code generator works will depend slightly on the goals of the business owner and significantly on the creator of the generator itself, but when the program is well designed, it works to help you provide your customers with virtually any information you like.

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