How to get free advertising with qr codes

If you have been looking for a w ay to get free advertising I have found a way using QR codes. First let me explain if you are already unaware of this but there are many places on the Internet that offer banner advertising.

With a QR Code you will be able to place them on square banners so that people can scan them. However imagine having a whole banner of 1 giant qr code or it had a strip of QR codes on it. Most people who see these might think that this is part of the site they are on and scan it with their smart phones. By them scanning this off your advertisement instead of clicking on the link you where not charged anything for that users interaction with your banner unless you are paying per impression of course.

Bu using this tactic you are increasing your marketing budget and allowing people to save you the click. If you wanted to take this a step further you could even split test different banners to see which ones get the most scans and the less clicks. That would be a perfect way to achieve the highest effective free QR code campaign. By using our qr code generator you will be able to have qr code that can be tracked for each banner. The reporting system we have will also tell you from where in the world down to about a half a mile radius of where the QR code was scanned. This technology does not show you the cellphone number for which it was scanned from however it can redirect you to a landing page with a form for your users to give you that information.

In conclusion by using qr codes with your current advertising you are providing a better way to squeeze in a form of free advertising that will connect you with mobile users at no additional costs. Think of all the places you could implement a QR code not just on the Internet but around your office, newspaper, parking lot, business signs and other places you can use a QR code and you will be able to increase the presence of your business using this new technology.


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