How to use QR Codes With Expiration Dates

Since our QR code tracking system has been in existence we have had a feature which allows you to place an expiration date on your QR code. There are a few different reasons why you would want to make a QR code with an expiration date that I will explain. This QR code expiration date feature is found in the options below the information entered when creating a QR code with our QR code management system.

The first reason you would want to place a QR code on a advertisement with a QR code with a expiration date would be for a special offer which has an expiration on how long it can be redeemed. This can allow a business to increase its business using urgency marketing tactics to get a quicker response from the audience in which you are targeting your ad for.

Another reason you would want to place an expiration date on a QR code would be on a ticket to an event. However since we are on the topic of placing a QR code on a concert or event ticket it could be a good idea to make a QR code which goes to a video on youtube of that concert since some people save their ticket stubs to their favorite bands. That way later if they want to scan the QR code on their event ticket it will have a way to remember it forever.

The mean reason you would ever want to use a QR code with an expiration code would be for something that you do not want someone to use after a certain amount of time. If you are using QR codes for other purposes which you want people to be able to use your QR code forever we do not recommend using a QR code with an expiration date.

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