Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes to Sell Homes

The popularity of using “instant” devices propelled the creation of another tool similar to IMs and texting, the Quick Response code or QR code. A client recently included QR codes into their listings on their real estate website design, so here’s a brief article about QR codes and how it can be utilized in real estate marketing.

What does a QR code do? At present, someone with a cell phone who has software to read a QR code will be linked to the QR code’s website upon taking its picture. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

For the codes to be beneficial, target customers should have a web-enabled phone, which is a trend that is increasingly becoming fashionable. When a customer takes a picture of the QR code, they are immediately transported to the specific cell phone optimized web page that the company’s web marketer would like to show to them. These codes are in print ads, brochures, outdoor advertising – everywhere.

As an example in retail marketing, Ralph Lauren uses QR codes to take their customers to a website that can take their clothing orders straight from their phones. Isn’t that very convenient and a sure market? So how can we use this device in real estate?

Actually, there is a marketing innovation that is being undertaken in the real estate field. An example is the QR Code Lawn Signs, which is a very “hip and in” factor that gives potential customers easy access to real estate websites that have color photos and full detail listing information of the property they are interested in. QR codes does not have to be placed at the property that is for sale, it can be put up anywhere, like in local home show or open house which brings traffic to your website listing.

And don’t forget, you can have QR codes for your personal website and you can put it in your advertisement and business cards.

With this business potential, let’s put on our real estate internet marketing hats and consider the possibilities. The number of users with web-enabled cell phones will soar dramatically in the years to come and this means many businesses will experience more targeted traffic to custom listing sites from the QR codes. Before your marketing method becomes outdated, start thinking right now if establishing a QR code plan will be advantageous for you, your business and your potential market.

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