KFC Uses QR Code to Promote Chicken Pot Pie

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the fast food giant innovates the use of QR codes in their marketing campaign to promote its latest product, the Chicken Pot Pie. By placing the 2D bar codes on their soft drinks cup, instead of the usual in-store signages, the company engages their customers while they are still eating their meals and induces them to scan the codes with the offer of “hundreds” of free prizes to be given away every hour!

Deliberate on its attempt to engage their customers while they are still dining and not at a later time, it is an effective marketing strategy to forge an instant customer relationship which happens when they scan the QR codes. When they do so with their smartphones, they are directed to a mobile landing page where they can enter the code in their soft drinks cup. Immediately, they will know if they have won any of the free prizes being offered which includes a trip to Las Vegas, free KFC chicken for a year, free Dr. Pepper for a year and a one-year premium subscription to Slacker Personal Radio.

By sharing their sweepstakes experience with friends through Facebook and Twitter, customers are given a free code to give them another opportunity to win prizes.

As part of their QR code campaign, customers who sign up can listen to their favorite Pandora stations on their iPhones. Instead of the regular ads however, advertisements will be about the Chicken Pot Pie. Aside from listening to their favorite music, the mobile ads guides consumers to the nearest KFC outlet, allows them to view other menu items and read through their nutrition facts.

KFC’s latest venture into mobile marketing with the innovative use of QR codes and offering attractive prizes to entice customers to scan the 2D codes and participate in their promotion of Chicken Pot Pie, is a clever way to establish relationships with their customers while they are still eating KFC products at their various outlets. The company’s mobile marketing campaign clearly deserves to be one of the Top 10 QR code campaigns of 2012 for the first quarter by Mobile Marketer.

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