Kraft Completes Its “Make Something Amazing” Mobile Marketing Campaign with QR Codes

Kraft, one of the world’s biggest food and beverage brands is promoting their company’s line of cheeses through a multichannel marketing campaign that includes a QR code component with their, “Make Something Amazing” promo. The marketing strategy aims to show and inspire users how to use Kraft products in their daily menus and spark it up into an amazing dish from the usual ordinary meals they serve to family and friends.

Kraft’s QR codes are in print advertisements as well as in the packaging of five different cheese products that they are currently promoting. When a user scans a specific cheese product, the unique mobile bar code for each type of cheese leads them to a mobile landing page which has a recipe for meals using that type of cheese in four different categories – brunch, sandwiches, entrees and appetizers. For example, a user who scanned the mobile bar code of grated parmesan cheese will have the opportunity to know how to prepare a parmesan and artichoke appetizer among other recipes for the product.

Pictures that shows housewives and aspiring culinary enthusiasts how to prepare appetizing and amazing meals with the use of Kraft products can inspire them to cook up delectable dishes instead of the usual ordinary dishes they serve to family and friends.

Kraft’s use of SMS, mobile Web, apps, advertising and QR codes in their “Make Something Amazing” marketing campaign shows the importance of mobile in effectively pushing a 360-degree marketing strategy. Placing the bar codes on its packaging, makes it more accessible for tech-savvy consumers to get to know their products. It is also a very effective way to keep in touch with users especially mothers, wives and families who have been using the consumer-packaged goods brand, like Kraft to use more of their products to spice up their daily menus.

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