Macy’s Brings Back Its Popular QR Code Campaign

In early 2011, Macy’s released a QR campaign called Backstage Pass.  The goal was primarily to help teach people about QR and to offer them fun and engaging content that would get them to adopt and adapt to the new technology.  The campaign was certainly successful; so much so, in fact, that the company is bringing it back with a new face and even more interactive features.

The new version of the Backstage Pass campaign will still have a focus on getting those new to QR to adopt the technology.  There will be television commercials airing soon that will help consumers understand what a QR code it, what to do with it, and how to do it.  Of course, it isn’t just an instructional commercial; it will also let customers know that scanning the codes will enter them to win shopping sprees and to access other benefits.

The Macy’s QR codes are designed to offer a number of functions, including allowing users to view 30 second videos with fashion and decorating tips from the likes of Martha Stewart, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.  There will be daily shopping sprees to be won as well as other unique features, and the company hopes to not only improve the customer experience in the store, but to encourage more frequent interaction from home as well.

Macy’s is certainly a trusted and reputable brand in the fashion industry, and this new campaign shows that, even though they are one of the oldest clothing boutiques in the business, they are perfectly capable of keeping up with the times.  The campaign will likely do much for teaching consumers how to use QR and what it is capable of, and in today’s economy the chance to win a shopping spree is certainly enough to get many to scan a simple code.


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