Making Direct Mail Marketing Interactive by Using Decoder Technology

The advancements in technology has greatly affected the marketing system in the commercial field. Not only are consumers using fast moving technologies for their benefit but also the marketers are using them with equal importance. Businesses are using them to reach their consumers and keep them engaged with their brands through various channels provided by latest technological developments and the concept of interactive direct marketing.

Various researches in this respect had revealed the fact that nearly 50% of American adults are getting actual information about various products and restaurants on their tablet computers or mobile phones. The increasing use of smartphones as most essential part of ones life has made it easy for the marketers in making their marketing more interactive and mobile because most of the users always keep their smartphones with them.

Though direct mail marketing is a traditional way of marketing products but now the marketers are using them in a new way by offering option of immediate call to action to the smartphone users through Quick Response Codes or QR Codes. These codes can be very effectively used to direct the consumers to the website of the marketer through their smartphones. Thus the piece of printed direct mail can be made more interactive and responsive through the QR codes which can be used as hyperlinks to get access to any product available online.

Converting QR codes into interactive direct mail

It is simple to convert QR codes into an interactive direct marketing campaign by using scanning technology already installed on the smartphones. The pre-installed decoder on the smartphone scans the bar code on the piece of direct mail and connects the user to the online content without needing any URL. In this way the direct mail marketing can be made more interactive for the benefit of both, marketers and consumers as well. Now-a-days along with direct mails these QR codes are also found on billboards, magazines, store shelves and packages of the products. Thus the marketers are taking advantage of the advancement of the technologies in the shape of smartphones by instigating their consumers for a call-to-action.

Using personalized URL for interactive direct mail marketing

Some of the marketers had started to personalize direct mail marketing by embedding personal URL (PURL) in the QR codes. In this way they can make the content of the direct mail more personal and unique for the consumer by sending it on his personal address. Thus they can make unique PURL based codes for their every customer on their list of interactive direct marketing campaign. They can invite their consumer to view a video, fill up a mailed package deal of sign up for a newsletter every month, once he decodes the code with PURL through decoding technology installed on his smartphone. Moreover marketers can share the information as much as they want through this system. They can also measure the extent of ROI by tracking the interaction level of the direct mail online. Thus the direct mail marketing can be made more interactive by using codes with PURL.

Using texts and email for making direct marketing more interactive

Text messages and emails can also be used to make interactive direct marketing more connected. For instance you receive a piece of direct mail with QR codes by post. You can easily get linked with the micro site of the company by decoding the code through the scanning technology on your smartphone and find interesting information on it. The micro site, customized to be used on smartphones, may invite you to view an embedded video, download discount coupons or sign up for monthly newsletter and you opt any of these options. Then short after you have visited the micro site you may receive a text message or email to thank you for visiting the site and showing interest in any of the options offered on it. Thus as a customer you can get more connected to the products and services on the website by receiving the text messages or emails for visiting the micro site on the basis of the QR codes.

Thus, the traditional concept of direct mail marketing can be made more interactive by involving the latest technological developments like QR codes and decoding technology.

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