MEDSEEK Uses QR Codes to Improve the Patient Medical Experience

One of the most troubled markets in the US today is certainly the health care industry.  Wait times for appointments are astronomical, and many patients simply can’t afford to go to the doctor every time something is wrong.  The result is a number of patients who are at risk and who are not seeking the care that they need.  MEDSEEK is among the many health care companies who are working to help patients seek receive better care, and they are using QR codes to help them in the process.

Just recently, MEDSEEK announced that they will be implementing QR codes in their direct mailers and other advertisements.  These codes will be used to help target at-risk patients and connect them with personalized web pages that offer information specific to their individual health concerns and medical problems.  The result will be greater patient education, which studies show can help prevent a number of complications and health problems.

Of course, MEDSEEK is only one of the many health care companies looking to utilize QR to help improve the patient experience.  Other companies are using QR codes for a variety of purposes in order to help improve patient care and patient education alike.  With the health industry losing the faith of patients every day, this new step from MEDSEEK might help improve both trust and knowledge in a population that is growing increasingly wary of seeking medical attention unless it is absolutely necessary.

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