Microsoft Tag Tracking Codes Now Available

With the popularity of QR codes being used by other businesses there are always other companies out there trying to implement similar technologies. Recently we have introduced a Microsoft Tag tracking now at Orange Qr. You are able to track how many scans your Microsoft Tag code receives, which advertisement your Microsoft Tag was scanned from, which type of smart phones where used to scan the Tag code and much more.

This new feature is available when creating your QR code from the drop down menu which enables you to be able select if you want to either create a trackable Microsoft Tag code or a QR tracking code. Both of these types of codes can be used the same way however some people prefer to use Microsoft Tag codes since the scanning software is standardized which enables them to have more control over the devices that scan the Tag codes. This will allow you to make sure that all of the different types of codes are more likely to work on any device. This does seem like a good idea however over time we do expect smart phones to have QR code scanning capabilities built into the camera applications on most phones.

Even though this is another option if your looking to be a little different then the rest of the crowd it is a good idea to make sure that you choose one or the other. At this point however QR codes seem to be more popular then Microsoft Tag codes. Since we have some clients who use Microsoft Tag codes we decided to offer a tracking solution for them as well. In order to create your first Microsoft tracking Tag click sign up for free on the right menu and create a free account to see how it works.

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