Mobio Uses QR Codes to Help Canadians Fight Breast Cancer

QR codes can do just about anything these days, from sharing clever videos and advertisements to offering consumers the ability to connect to companies on social media sites and even to win prizes or order a pizza.  But what if a QR code could help in the fight against breast cancer?  Thanks to Canadian mobile payment giant Mobio, they are being used to do just that.

Mobio Technologies recently announced that they have created a unique mobile donation campaign that utilizes QR codes to help gather donations for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Run for the Cure 2011.  The codes will be located in newspapers, posters, websites, and more, and scanning them will take users directly to the donation payment gateway.

Because Mobio is already a trusted name in mobile payments, consumers are apt to feel comfortable providing the site with their payment information.  The codes will work on a wide range of smartphones, allowing users to donate money instantly, something that has not been done before using these codes.  It’s certainly a unique way to get more people to use and understand QR, and it is a campaign that has a very strong and positive message.  It’s always refreshing to see new uses  for QR codes, and watching the way the codes can be used to gather money to help fight such a terrible disease is certainly remarkable in many ways.

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