Modern Marketers Need To Get Teckie

In tough economic times, it has become extremely important for every marketer to be comfortable with technology and use it to attract more attention. Market analysts believe that technology will play an extremely important role in technology. However, it is not just about technology platforms and solutions. Marketers need to understand and learn about technology fundamentals to be more effective in their respective jobs. This is even more important for digital marketers.

If you have a better understanding of technology, it will allow you to come up with innovative ideas and interact in a much better way with your colleagues in IT support and technology teams. In fact, many industry experts and analysts have even criticized educational systems for not teaching modern marketing students about coding. Experts believe that coding should be a mandatory part of the marketing curriculum.

Although technology trends have forced educational institutions to teach students about using various software, they don’t pay much attention to teaching students about creating software and building codes. In some countries, students are even being sent to ‘Code Camps’ on their holidays. In UK and US, many educational institutions have taken some initiatives to set up ‘Code Clubs’ for schools students. However, the process is still advancing slowly.

Marketers Should Embrace Technology and Learn Coding

Marketers need to be well-versed with QR codes or quick response code and learn more about coding. This should be part of the marketers’ commitment to embracing technology. Although marketers don’t need to become developers, they still need to completely understand what’s going on ‘behind their backs’. This allows marketers to communicate in a better way with technologists, who are the lifeline of digital marketing.

In order to learn more about QR code or maybe Orange QR, it is important for marketers to participate in various conventions and courses. Many educational institutions have started offering courses for students from all walks of life. Even budding entrepreneurs and established businessmen take these courses. These courses teach marketers about coding and how to use it effectively to build exceptional marketing campaigns.

Most of the courses specifically focus on QR code or quick response code. Moreover, marketers are taught about the history of the internet and the technology building blocks that make the web work. Other subjects of study in these courses may include databases, DNS, web servers, data formats, libraries, programming, frameworks and markup languages.

The basic aim of these courses is to teach students about some coding using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. During the course of the program, marketers are also asked to build a multi-platform web application that could easily track locations of customers, calculate their distance from a target destination and even display conditional content according to their preferences. Learning about these things allows a marketer to develop an effective marketing plan.

Why Should Marketers Learn Coding?

According to most marketers, modern marketing should focus on some important concepts. In fact, these concepts should be related to other significant elements in a marketing manifesto. These concepts include Data, Creativity and Character. Marketers have also started considering Orange QR and QR codes to be extremely important.

Most of these courses allow marketers to learn more about coding fueled- innovative and creative marketing ideas. For instance, many marketers are still not aware about how HTML5 allows for geo-location via the internet browser while using Wi-Fi positioning technology. While using such technology platforms, you can easily tell where a customer is at a point in time, even when the customer is not using a phone or tablet.

Most marketers have realized the importance of understanding coding to use technology platforms in a more efficient way. Marketers have also started believing in certain characteristics that are essential for an effective marketing campaign. According to latest technology trends, modern marketing should be brave, collaborative and innovative.

Marketers have realized the importance of these three core concepts related to marketing. They believe that understanding coding gives them a chance to relate with IT support and technology teams to produce better products and services.

In simple words, learning more about coding and technology allows marketers to build greater collaboration between technologists and marketers. It also fuels experimentation and innovation. It is even fun and energizing. In fact, it has become the core of digital marketing.

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