Nasa launching apple’s technology into space for tracking QR codes

Recently I have learned that apple has been sent into by NASA in order to track QR codes from space. NASA has been rumored that they will be testing new equipment in space with QR codes. Its funny to think that QR codes are not where no man has gone before, the final frontier, space. These QR codes will be used in space in conjunction with iPhone 4’s in the hands of astronauts.

Just think of all the ways these could be used in space with a smart phone. Lets see if I where an astronaut I would have QR codes on equipment to get quick information on my phone or diagrams on the fly. This could save a lot of time for an astronaut to have to communicate information otherwise by radio. By having a smart phone like an iPhone that you can reference information on using a compact device will you be able to have the computer power and resources of a small computer to reference unlimited types of information.

QR codes can also be scanned from a reasonable distance away which can make the use for one of Atlantasis experiments from outer space unique. NASA will be using QR codes in this experiment to reference geographical locations on earth to calibrate satellites for other upcoming missions NASA will be venturing on. Some of these tests will be available to the public to participate in with their own smart phones.

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