NRMA Insurance Drives Facebook Page Traffic Through QR Codes

Australia’s NRMA Insurance’s QR code campaign aims to tell people that they are different from other car insurance providers. They launched a QR code campaign that is rather unusual for the usual practice of this 2D mobile marketing because a scanner is not led to the usual landing page or video, but to the company’s Facebook page.

From the company’s Facebook page, this is the message behind the musical box shelter: “To remind people how much they love their custom car stereos – and to remind them to check they are covered with the right policy insurance for them – NRMA Insurance have brought a car stereo to a bus shelter outside Wynyard Station in Sydney, and put the public in control of what is played via their mobile phones. The Bus shelter is fitted with speakers that can play a range of different tracks.”

In the bus shelter, fitted car stereo speakers are connected to QR codes when scanned and play the tracks selected by the public. Scanning does not lead the scanner to the insurance company’s web pages, but rather it takes you to the company’s Facebook page. When you “like” the page you can download a free app where you can select the track you want to be played.

The message that NRMA Insurance would like to tell the public is that aside from the usual car insurance coverage they offer, they also insure custom sound systems, window tinting, leather trims, alloy wheels, paints and everything that can be installed or added to a car.

The company’s unusual way of using QR codes for their mobile marketing shows that there are no definite rules in using this mode of mobile marketing campaign. Innovation and creativity always makes it a step ahead of others which made NRMA’s campaign to be among the best for the first quarter of 2012 based on Scanlife’s selection.

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