Payment Giant PayPal Has Gotten In on QR Marketing

When you think about making payments online, the chances are very good that PayPal is the first and likely only name that comes to mind.  The online giant, which is owned by eBay, is by far the biggest name in online payments for businesses and individuals alike, and as they get ready to open their first physical store, they have started implementing QR codes to help businesses and consumers understand what the move will be all about.

Consumers strolling down Hudson Street in Tribeca are certain to notice the PayPal logos in the windows at 174, and next to these windows is a large QR code.  By scanning this code, users can learn more about the new services that PayPal is offering commercial and individual customers, including cross device payments, and more.  The store itself will only be open for a few months, giving the company time to inform consumers of the features that will be making their way to major retailers all across the nation.  Many more announcements are expected in the coming weeks, including a number of key partnerships.  Businesses and consumers alike are awaiting more word from the company, and the chances are good that these QR codes may soon hold all the answers that we are looking for.

For a company that exists almost solely online, it certainly makes sense that PayPal would roll out their new announcements via a QR code campaign.  The temporary storefront is certainly a surprise, but with QR codes lining the store’s exterior, we have to think that they have something large and clever in store.

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