Phillips and Co Takes QR Codes to a New Level- Literally

We are always looking for the newest and most innovative uses of QR codes in the market, and in the past year we have seen some real creativity.  We have seen codes that can do a number of things, and we have seen them crop up in the most unusual places.  Business development and public relations firm Philips & Co, however, has taken QR codes to a whole new level- putting them in the most unlikely places.  The best place to scan these codes?  From space, of course.

Sure, most of us don’t have access to space, but we do have the ability to view images taken from space.  Phillips & Co is working to install QR codes on rooftops that can be visible through either Google Maps or Google Earth.  With these services growing widely in popularity, it may indeed be a great move.  If nothing else, it has garnered the company a great deal of attention and has certainly helped them establish themselves as innovators and as a business that is well ahead of the curve.  Forget putting codes on business cards or coffee cups, this QR campaign sends a message that this is one company that strives to be larger than life.

For Phillips & Co, the goal is not to install their own QR codes onto rooftops, but rather to sell ad space to companies looking for a clever way to advertise.  The company has already entered into talks with a federal agency as well as numerous box retail stores to create custom codes, and Google Earth is saying that the codes would be visible through their service in about three months time.  It may be a while before we see the results of this campaign, but Phillips & Co definitely has a very unique and creative strategy here.

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