Pizza Delivery Business QR Code Marketing Tactics

It now seems a great way businesses are using QR tracking codes to track advertisements to see where there customers are coming from. Here is an example of an advertisement from Papa Johns Pizza which allows you to download an application on your phone to order Pizza. This is similar to the advertisement we talked previously about put out by Pizza Hut.

Typically when you see advertisements with QR codes which bring you to an application to download the advertisers are trying to brand themselves on your phone. You may ask how? Well every time that you go to your application screen to get use an app you will see their application which might entice you to order a pizza from Papa Johns.

By using tracking on your QR codes you will be able to find out so much more information about your customers. For example if your in your QR code analytic tracking area you will be able to see if more people downloaded your app from one area of your city vs another. This information will enable you to know where your advertising dollars are best spent to target certain demographics that use smart phones and scan QR codes.

Tracking QR codes is a new practice that many businesses have not learned about however as time continues on we notice more are catching on. The only thing that Papa Johns could have done better when using their QR codes in their advertisement is use a single QR code for people to download the app which can be done with our QR code generator. One other thing that is a good point about having users download phone apps through QR codes is that it makes it more convenient to order take out. Since typically waiting to talk to someone to order a pizza over the phone can be a bit of a wait on a busy night.

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