Places to market QR codes

Lets discuss a few great places I have seen QR code advertisements in the past week and how each of them have different marketing benefits.

The most common place I am seeing QR codes being used to market businesses is on business cards. Usually I find vcards which are QR codes when scanned will program that persons contact information into your phone. The other kind of QR codes I am seeing are url QR codes which are used to send people to a website obviously.  It is a good reason to have a vcard QR code on your business card because it will allow people to get your information even when your down to your last card. Having a url based QR code on your business card will allow people to get easy information from your website when scanned. This information can consist of your phone number, some information about your business, just think of what you where looking for when you last visited a website from a business card.

Another neat place QR codes have been popping up is on advertisements in places people are waiting. A good example would be on advertisements in magazines in waiting rooms, bus stops, and even inside buses and subways. When your riding or waiting to be served these QR codes are typically easy entertainment for anyone who knows how to use QR codes. With the many different types of QR codes and things you could do its endless let me show you some examples. One QR code which I scanned from a magazine was on a movie preview which brought me to a YouTube video clip showing that movies trailer. Another QR code which I scanned was on another advertisement which brought me to download an application which was a game on my phone. If you where an application company some light bulbs would be flickering. Just think you can have someone scan a bar code to get or put anything on their smartphone with a simple scan of a QR code.

The other place that would be good to market QR codes would be on something that people already take pictures of. Think of a nice hot sports car at a car show or a cute girl at a fashion show. You may be asking well how would I use a QR code in these situations. Well for the car you would want to place a QR code on it or in the decorations around it which will be caught in the photo people usually take. This will give them the opportunity to later scan and use the QR code. Even better if they share their photos on a social site like Facebook, twitter or MySpace other people might like your photos share them and scan your QR code. This could be a viral effect. At a fashion show if a cute girl had a temporary tattoo of a QR code on her then people will be able to get information from the photos taken just like the our car idea.

These are just a few ideas of places you can market your QR codes. Look for more information on this in the future as we will continue to write on this topic and others. Remember also to track all the scans of your QR codes to figure out which method works best for your business.

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