Porsche Gets In on the QR Code Market

In the latest batch of announcements regarding big companies taking advantage of QR codes, we heard from one of the most prestigious names in the automobile industry.  With so many major corporations seeing huge success from QR campaigns, there is little doubt as to why all of the biggest players are tossing their hat into the QR market, but with the recent entry of Porsche in the QR realm, there is no longer any way for businesses to doubt that the codes have become a vital marketing tool.

In their QR campaign, Porsche is teaming up with major airlines to place their QR codes on the back of airline tickets.  The codes will take users to one of two destinations- a mobile website with information about various models of Porsche cars or a video that shows these same vehicles in action.  Both codes can be used to allow consumers to request a test drive.

QR codes are a great marketing strategy in general, but this move from Porsche actually has something unique about it.  By placing the ads on the backs of airline tickets, Porsche is marketing to a captive audience.  Think about it- you’re sitting on a plane with nothing to do but watch the same old in-flight movie or shop in the SkyMall catalog when you look at your ticket and notice a QR code.  The chances that you will scan your code to see just what Porsche has to offer you are certainly quite high.  It’s really a brilliant strategy and a great way for one of the biggest names in the automotive industry to expand their reach and bring their advertisements to a much larger target market.

This is certainly a new strategy for a QR campaign. Unlike most companies, which use the codes to help establish brand awareness or to provide discounts and promotions, Porsche is simply providing an advertisement.  The company will also have to contend with the fact that users may not always notice the codes on the backs of their boarding passes.  With that said, however, there is little doubt that by the time the campaign has launched, Porsche will have, in their typical style, found a way for their QR codes to garner as much attention as their stylish automobiles.  It’s certainly going to be a great campaign to watch.

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