PPGNW’s Safe Sex Campaign Through QR Codes

PPGNW or Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest’s safe sex campaign through distribution of condoms with QR codes in its wrappers is yet another innovative way of using mobile technology into good use. This time, not just to promote a product to generate sales, but to educate and inform the public, especially the younger, impetuous generation of a useful product that will help in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unplanned pregnancies.

National Condom Week

To commemorate National Condom Week which starts on February 14 up to February 21, PPGNW distributed 55,000 QR code wrapped condoms in the colleges and universities of Washington State. This is not to promote promiscuity among students on lovers’ day and the ensuing romantic days, but to let them be aware of their responsibility toward themselves and their partners regarding their sexual health and the negative outcome of unplanned pregnancy.

For some, this method of promoting safe sex awareness may be a little kinky, but if you don’t preempt judgement before getting to know the facts, it is really an educational and informative program that will benefit not only college students, but also the sexually active members of our society.

Where Did You Wear It?

Users of the PPGNW distributed condoms who scanned the 2D bar codes in its wrappers are directed to wheredidyouwearit site where they can “check in.” An interactive map then shows the location of the tryst. When the blue circles on the map are clicked on, messages like these can be read: “A 20 something girl and a guy whose relationship is all about love and have already talked about safer sex and STDs used a condom in the bedroom to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. It was ah-maz-ing – rainbows exploded and mountains trembled,” or it can be, “An under 20 guy and a girl whose relationship is non-existent and have already talked about safer sex and STDs used a condom in the great outdoors because no one wants an STD. It was great-cant’ wait for round 2.”

The site is much more than these “steamy” messages though, it has a section for questions that you may have about condoms, it teaches and shows how to use them properly and guides you to a Planned Parenthood health center if you need more of these latex protection.

Aside from promoting sexual health, it is also a reminder to be responsible with the outcome of a few minutes bliss that can turn into a nightmare when one is burdened with an unplanned pregnancy while still young or not yet ready to face the responsibilities of becoming parents to an innocent love child.

PPGNW’s safe sex campaign through QR code wrapped condoms is laudable in its efforts to inform the public how to avoid being infected with sexually transmitted diseases that can cause HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) which leads to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), a life threatening disease caused by the progressive weakening of the body’s immune system.

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