QR Best & Worst

QR code stands for Quick Response Code is the mark for a sort of two dimensional or matrix barcode that is attached to an item. A QR code basically contains black modules set in a square network on a white background, which can be interpreted by an imaging appliance and processed. The information determined by QR codes is usually made of four different types of standardized data i.e. alphanumeric, numeric, Kanji and binary). Sometimes it also consists of some supported extensions.

The QR Code system is grown to be extremely popular in mobile marketing due to its excellent features speedy readability and superior storage capacity as compared to typical UPC barcodes. Applications of QR codes in mobile marketing and mobile advertising include document management, item identification, time tracking, product tracking by scanning using the Orange QR reader and a lot more.

In the recent past, QR codes seem to have come up on every product from Fast Moving Consumer Goods to advertisements and posters. Seeing the increasing popularity and their effectiveness as a mobile marketing gimmick, it can be said that QR codes seem to have become a publicity stunt that some marketers just can’t do without!

However, something that marketers must know before blindly following this trend is though when used well, a QR code can be a functional approach towards marketing, but you must know that when used defectively it can also end up being just a futile symbol.

Mark Brill has pointed out a set of superb examples of QR codes, used efficiently and otherwise on his Pinterest page. The following are picked from there:

The Right Use of QR

· Excellent use of QR Codes in print

QR codes have also been used increasingly on print and this is certainly a easy way and has been well implemented. Moreover this entire idea can be easily applied to a huge number of offline businesses. The process is too straightforward and uncomplicated. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the VW ad, download the app, and discover where your home dealer is.

· QR Codes at spot of sale

Selfridges, a molecular cooking set has made exceptional use of a QR Code. Nevertheless, the product itself stirs up interest, but the QR code lets the shoppers and potential buyers find out more about the product. The use of the QR code for this product is much appreciated because it actually is very practical. It links to a helpful video that clearly explains how this fresh and innovative product works. The QR Code used here has also been targeted well. Those people who may be concerned about molecular cooking are expected to be geeks and will certainly have phones smart enough to scan the code using the Orange QR reader and learn more. Mobile advertising is at its efficient best here.

The Wrong Use of QR

· Placements

While deciding the position of a QR Code on your product, a number of factors need to be taken into account. It’s not only about putting it randomly in a place where people want to scan it. A QR Code was once noticed on a travelator. How on earth is someone supposed to know how to scan that? Basically, just putting it there doesn’t work. You also need to apply some common sense.

· Scanning for Terms and Conditions

A number of companies have programmed the QR Codes in such a way that the first page that appears on scanning is one that has detailed terms and conditions. Companies need to realize that no one is interested in reading their terms and conditions. This is certainly a bad mobile marketing move.

How to use the QR Code effectively?

1. Keep in mind that the QR Code is meant for a purpose and make sure that you are solving that. Enhance the user’s experience of the product.

2. Ensure that your product code leads the user to a mobile optimized site.

3. Place the code on the part of the product where users will find the time and chance to perceive and scan them.

4. Say no to tiny QRs. An extremely small QR Code is synonymous with a nonexistent one. Make the code large enough so users can scan it effortlessly. Incorporate a call-to-action (CTA) notifying the people about what they are set to gain from scanning the code.

The bottom line is that the QR Code is indeed a very effective mobile marketing tool but it needs to placed and used intelligently in order to gain maximum benefit from it.

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