New QR Code Facebook Demographic Tracking Feature

Just today we have activated our new QR code demographic tracking tool. This will enable anyone using our QR code tracking system to be able to see very useful information on those who scan their QR codes created with us.

With our QR code demographic tracking it will enable you to create a campaign for a Facebook page and gather information based on your fans. This report is done weekly and not in real time however you can track some great information which I will tell you about.

First off in order to use this feature you must already have received 30 likes or more for the url shared on Facebook. Once you meet this requirement you will be able to see information on the age group of the user, genders of users engaged in your campaign and any new likes your campaign received.

This is a great way for any type of QR code campaign to track even more detailed information using your QR codes and to see if there are more males then females scanning your advertisements. This will ensure that you are engaging the right crowd with your qr code tracking campaign with Orange QR.

Other reasons this feature can be useful is to learn more about the people interested in your company. If you are unsure who is looking at your print using our qr code tracking campaigns will help you really simplify your marketing efforts to understand where your money is best spent. If you need help understanding this or any other featured on Orange QR just hit the contact button at the top of the page and give us a phone call or an email.

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