QR Code Generation Features

Our QR Code generation system at Orange QR is one of the most state of the art QR code generation, management and tracking system out there. Orange QR code memberships allow you to create multiple types of QR codes and be able to go back and retrieve them after you have created them.

Another neat feature with your membership you are able to use our mobile QR code tracking system. This will allow you to sign in to our QR code generation site and retrieve QR Codes later which is useful because you don’t have to keep a copy of your QR codes on your computer. Our tracking system can track URL based QR codes and see information on the people who have scanned the QR code from a device such as a mobile phone.

Our QR code tracking system allows you to see who scanned your QR code with detailed location tracking information down to the city, and street where the QR code was scanned. Other details include the time, and day in the QR code was scanned with up to the hour of information updated in real time every 30 seconds. Our QR code tracking system will also show you what type of phone, operating system and even the application the person was using on their smart phone.

You will also be able to create different types of QR codes. In the extra’s drop down menu in the members area you will be able to create other types of QR codes such as for GPS coordinates, sms messages, vcards, calendar reminders, face book likes, twitter following, and more. If you use your imagination and think of ways that you would want someone to get from your advertisement to the web easier through a web URL you will find there are tons of ways to help people save time from typing in a websites address.

QR Codes are the future and will provide many people with an easier way to get information from simply scanning a QR bar code with their smart phones QR code reader. More and more smart phones are coming with them and which makes it easier for anyone to learn quick details using the Internet connection on their devices.

2 Responses to “QR Code Generation Features”

  1. smart poster July 17, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    I was wondering if this systems supports custom QR Codes as a lot of our clients are requesting these rather than the standard black and white codes?

    • Dr Orange July 19, 2011 at 9:47 pm #

      Our system can create QR codes in different colors no problem. It is actually built in when you generate any QR code from our site. Another thing that we recommend is that you run your Qr code through some filters in photo shop and try to use your QR code reader on a altered code. There are tons of ideas though.

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