QR Code Marketing Tactic Example #1 Pizza Hut

Here is an example of a QR code being used on a piece of print advertising from Pizza Hut. When scanned it will bring you to your phones marketplace to download their application which you can order pizza’s from. This is a very good marketing strategy which I will explain why.

Through out the age of the smartphone we have started to use apps to make tasks in life which could require picking up a phone easier and quicker. Pizza Hut was smart when placing a QR code on their advertisement because it clearly forces you to have to use it in order to take advantage of their deal. You may be thinking of giving them a phone call however the only information to get anything off their advertisement is a QR code and their phone number is no where to be found. This forces the customer to download their application or not be lazy and just look up their phone number. However knowing most of us we will download their application.

By downloading their application it will remain on your phone in less you go through a few screens to delete or uninstall it from their Android or trendy white iPhone. This is very clever because now any time that you look to use a application on your phone you will happen to run into Pizza Hut’s phone app. With the power of suggestion and a little hunger using this application to one touch order your favorite pizza could be a favorable choice.

You can implement this with your business using our QR codes for smartphone apps for your business. If you want people to take action through a QR code to a landing page which can take information like a email from your prospect client. We recommend using this type of marketing with our QR codes which can be tracked to see which part of your targeted advertising gets the most attention.


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